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Symphony is the new sister product of NetworkedBlogs. It's faster and has more features. Use it to publish and manage multiple social media accounts.

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Automate Publishing your Blog, or Personalize Every Post

Save time by using Syndication to auto-publish your blog posts to your social profiles. Posts are published within seconds of appearing on the blog (max of 5 minutes for old blogging platforms).

Or, make each post special by using the "Crosspost" tool to personalize each post. You can even convert links to pictures with one click if you prefer to put your links in the picture caption.

Maximum control over how your posts are published.

Add a Blog Tab on Facebook

Feature your blog as a separate tab on your Facebook page. There are multiple themes and styles, including themes with large pictures for greater impact.

Built-in Image Search

Write your status update, and we'll find you an image to go with it.

Empower your message with beautiful imagery from public domain or Creative Commons images that you're free to use. Pictures get more love on social media.

Edit Images Before Publishing

Don't have Photoshop? Use the built-in image editor to add your website, hashtags or witty comments to your photos. Add filters, borders and more and make your images stand out.

Unified Social Inbox

The Inbox aggregates mentions, messages, and comments from Facebook and Twitter in one tidy stream.

It's like Gmail for your social networks.

Schedule Posts for Later

Social media doesn't sleep. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Fill a queue of posts and have Symphony share them gradually over time. The publishing calendar lets you set which days and times you want your posts to go.

Will this effect my NetworkedBlogs account?

Nope. You can, and should keep your blog registered in NetworkedBlogs to continue to be included in your followers' news reader and daily email digests.

Symphony is for publishing and social media management. And NetworkedBlogs is for following blogs and getting followers.

Do I have to re-register my blog?

Yes, because Symphony is a separate product. Information from NetworkedBlogs are not carried over.

What if I already pay for NetworkedBlogs?

We certainly don't want you to pay double! If you are currently a paid NetworkedBlogs user, you should cancel that when you switch to Symphony.

Symphony offers all of the premium NetworkedBlogs features - and more.

Can I try it before deciding?

Of course you can! Start your 30 day free trial here. If you have questions, use the chat box on the bottom right of the screen. Have fun!

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